COST: $250 per team. No additional fees

Contact Information: 


Virgil 303-434-0480

Brian 303-902-0249

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We noticed quite a few players/teams travel out of state to play in big money tournaments. They travel to New Mexico, Texas, Las Vegas, Florida, etc. We thought let's bring a high quality big money tournament to our beloved state. We have beautiful dry weather and absolutely stunning views. We want to bring together the most competitive teams to the state of Colorado.

Why are we doing it?

Virgil Walker

Over 25 years of experience playing/officiating Flag Football in the Colorado and Texas regions. If you play flag football in Colorado you have either played with him, against him, or he has been the official at one of your games. 

Who are we?

Brian Laws 

Over 20 years of experience playing/refereeing Flag Football in the Colorado area. Currently the President of the Christian Fellowship League. The largest 6-man non-contact league in Colorado